Memoria: voice, body, memory weekend workshop
to Jul 21

Memoria: voice, body, memory weekend workshop

Tracing memory through your vocal-body: this workshop idea is inspired by an ongoing search for approaches that can re-mobilise and re-gather spirit and intention in order to gradually integrate the split-off selves and memory, fragmented along the paths of dis-location, re-location and time.

We will begin each session with 5 Element Bodywork practice called Pancha Tanmantra, which offers techniques of cycling through different qualities of emotional energies with the vocal-body. We will experience together how huge emotions can arise and pass.

Once the vocal-body is prepared we will explore methods of working/accessing memory from different points in time, re-embodying it through voice and body.

This acts as a point of departure for creating and deepening images which i often use in performance creation processes.

Please bring sketch book and writing/drawing material. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes (where you can grip and feel the ground), small towel, light snacks and water.

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Stories from the Body #1 performance programme
to Aug 24

Stories from the Body #1 performance programme

The hybrid archetype I am working with in Stories from the Body #1 is a re-imagined combination of puyong and pontianak from the Malaysia folk-lore.

Stories from the Body #1 was first performed in Indonesia during 2014 at Arts Island Festival in Klungkung (Bali), Kediri (East Java), Undisclosed Territory#8 Performance Art Festival in Solo and Bedog Arts Festival in Yogyakarta. This puyong-pontianak entity was then incorporated into one of the scenes for Palimpsest Performance #1 at Woodford Academy, The Blue Mountain's oldest surviving building. In 2016, SFTB #1 was re-embodied and adapted for a site near the ferry wharf of Ogijima Island, as part of Setouchi Triennale Art Festival in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan’s Setouchi Region.

Image: Stories from the Body #1 performed by WeiZen Ho, part of group exhibition with every breath curated by Rilka Oakley, Blue Mountains City Art Gallery. Photo: Silversalt photography.

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Speaking With Your Mouth Full
6:00 PM18:00

Speaking With Your Mouth Full

Curated by Alan Schacher and WeiZen Ho, Speaking With Your Mouth Full brings together performing artists and musicians who will lead a journey through the library, examining the book as device, language as a medium for conveying musicality, and reading as a choral communion. 

Jim Denley : wind instruments
Luiz Gabriel Gubeissi : double bass
WeiZen Ho : performer
Linda Luke : performer/ dancer
Phillippa Murphy-Haste : clarinets and viola
Alan Schacher : performer
Hirofumi Uchino (Defektro) : hand-made instruments and electronics

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Evaporative Body, Multiplying Body: Critical Path – UNSW Dance Research Residencies 2018
to Jun 10

Evaporative Body, Multiplying Body: Critical Path – UNSW Dance Research Residencies 2018

  • UNSW Creative Practices Lab (map)
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Collaborating with artists Mike Leggett (experimental video & film) and Fausto Brusamolino (lighting design). Alan and WeiZen are interested to research ways in which the body can evaporate and multiply, change its very substance, transmute, relocate. Concepts like possession, ghosting, vibrational energy, reality and projection will be examined physically and by means of augmentation in light, projection and media. Mediums employed will include screen or other surfaces, reflections and fog or haze. The work refers to transitional boundaries between life and death. Between spirit and sci-fi, scepticism, faith and superstition.

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t h e   s u b t l e   b e i n g s @ Articulate project space
to Mar 25

t h e s u b t l e b e i n g s @ Articulate project space

WeiZen Ho's The Subtle Beings is a performance installation that is the result of her two years of travel in Asia to research and witness of rituals in Sabah (East Malaysia) and Hanoi, rituals that are connected to her own cultural heritage. 

The work uses hair, text, sound, text, sound circuitry, movement, vocals and video.

Her collaboraters are Katja Handt (costume designer), Iqbal Barkat (film artist), Vincent Tay (cinematographer), Binh Ta (cultural artist-guide in Hanoi), Damian Castaldi (sound circuitry, kinetic sound-to-body designer), Michael Touisuta (sound design collaborater + engineer).  The installation team includes volunteers Sarah Keighery, Bill Seeto, Louise Morgan, Alexandra Mitchell and Naomi Ullmann.

This project has been made possible by Australia Council's Arts Project grant for WeiZen to study and develop Performances, Interpreted & Reimagined of Asian Animistic & Shamanistic Rituals (2016-2018)

The installation-in-progress will be open for viewing from

Sunday, 11th-25th March 2018


 @ Articulate project space

497 Parramatta Road, Leichardt

The performance sessions are :

Thur 22nd March 630pm - 8pm

Fri 23rd March 630pm-8pm

Sat 24th March 2pm-330pm

Sat 24th March 630pm-8pm followed by closing drinks

Sunday Forum 25th March 2pm (panel members TBC)

Please RSVP to or 0416 038 897


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