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Memoria: voice, body, memory weekend workshop

Tracing memory through your vocal-body: this workshop idea is inspired by an ongoing search for approaches that can re-mobilise and re-gather spirit and intention in order to gradually integrate the split-off selves and memory, fragmented along the paths of dis-location, re-location and time.

We will begin each session with 5 Element Bodywork practice called Pancha Tanmantra, which offers techniques of cycling through different qualities of emotional energies with the vocal-body. We will experience together how huge emotions can arise and pass.

Once the vocal-body is prepared we will explore methods of working/accessing memory from different points in time, re-embodying it through voice and body.

This acts as a point of departure for creating and deepening images which i often use in performance creation processes.

Please bring sketch book and writing/drawing material. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes (where you can grip and feel the ground), small towel, light snacks and water.