Stories from the Body #5  

This creature-body is based on an image that my mother shared with me: a man in China moving slowly across a busy marketplace with his torso on a platform with wheels, his limbs seemingly incapacitated…

I have fused this impression with the physical behaviour and sound characteristic of the lizards found in the homes of Malaysia called ‘cicak’.

Some thought process in devising #5 in relationship to the Articulate Project Space:

“…I was keen to have the Ground Floor, front section - I am imagining with audience looking down from the upstairs balcony, standing along the staircase, and scattered more minimally throughout the ground floor, including the back section of the ground floor.”

Initial concept sketch for SFTB#9

Initial concept sketch for SFTB#9

Choreographic sketch for SFTB#5

Choreographic sketch for SFTB#5

SFTB#5 was conceived for PLATFORM 2017 curated by Tess De Quincey and Linda Luke presented at Articulate project space: 

a collection of short performances, installations, artworks and extraordinary music

by Tess de Quincey, Lux Eterna, Weizen Ho, Samuel James, Lian Loke, Kelly Nguyen, Lynne Santos, Alan Schacher, Clytie Smith, Luke Standish, Richard Stevens, Vsevolod Vlaskine, Eugene Ward, Marcus Whale, Christie Woodhouse, including ‘performed objects’ collaboration with artists from BOAT 2017: Anna Ingham, Jan Taylor, Toni Warburton

Saturday & Sunday 15 & 16 July 2017 at 3pm.



SFTB#5 forms part of an ongoing performance series that began in festivals across Indonesia in 2014. From the premise that all human living is performed, I choose to activate the process of uncovering, reclaiming and reimagining through my body and its voice…