Title: Stories from the Body #1

Year: 2019

Medium: steel, aluminum mesh, paper, cardboard, piping conduits, arduino, servo motors

Size: 3m x 1.2m

Concept: WeiZen Ho

Brad Allen-Waters: bracket design; bespoke steel engineering and fabrication

Horst Kiechle: 3-D design

Michael Petchkovsky: material design, research & creative dvlpmt, kinetic-electronic sound design & construction, process facilitator

Special thanks to Alan Schacher and Megan Blaxland

This process has involved an expansion of the performance motif and image reimagined from Malaysian folkloric entities in Stories from the Body #1 (first performed in 2012) into a performance-sculptural installation designed for the group exhibition titled with every breath, curated by Rilka Oakley for the Blue Mountains City Gallery. A big part of the building took place at THE SLAB in Hazelbrook, thanks to Brad Allen-Waters and Miriam Williamson.

The Stories from the Body #1 is the first of a performance series, a lifework that attempts to retrace lineages that have been disrupted, as a result of migration, from the South Fujian Province of China to Java, Singapore and Malaysia. Coming from the premise that all of human living is performed, Ho activates a process of uncovering, reclaiming and reimagining through her body and its voice; an expression of how an ancestral template is embedded within her physiological being.

Other artists exhibiting in with every breath are Honi Ryan, Sarah Breen Lovett, Cherine Fahd, Karen Golland, Anne Bond, Rachael Wenona Guy & Leonie Van Eyk, Rachel Peachey & Paul Mosig, Pamela Pirovic, Julie Rrap, Abi Tariq, Marty Walker and Hayley West.

Photos taken by David Brazil and Silversalt photography.