performance concepts-in-progress:

1.  a m m o n i t e  

It all started when...

we were taking the cue from Julie Vulcan to do something completely different from just trying to nut out what Body as Material meant. It was either the playground, the Fossil Museum or cake and ice cream...

Ammonite was conceptualised within the processes of a project Body As Material: Solo Practice, a partnership between Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC), Bundanon Trust, FORM Dance Projects and Critical Path. The first phase took place in early 2016 at BMEC, and then a few days later at the Arthur and Yvonne Boyd’s Bundanon Trust property.

I wanted to share performance concept pieces physicalized from images and sketches (in this case i had sketches of Devonion creatures from the Bathurst Fossil Museum), to be made within certain sites chosen at Bundanon Trust property.  I asked the other project co-members to choose a different piece to witness, performed for the period of dawn, the hour before noon, dusk and the hour before midnight.

Joshua Pether witnessed ‘Ammonite’ at 11am, The Dorothy Porter Dance Studio, Bundanon. 

2.  l i v i n g  f o s s i l  

Alison Plevey and Julie Vulcan witnessed Living Fossil at dawn, The Ampitheatre site, Bundanon