Festival of Death and Dying, Melbourne @ Dancehouse Theatre
to Sep 10

Festival of Death and Dying, Melbourne @ Dancehouse Theatre

Website and program: www.deathfest.net

In contemporary Western culture death and dying are generally regarded as something to fight against, to deny, hide from public view and above all fear. But what if we were to look at them differently? Despite the understandable fear and denial, we may have very good reasons to want to learn more about death and dying. Thinking about our mortality–experiencing it in various ways–can make us our lives richer, deeper and more valuable to us. Mortality in truth is the intensification of life.

Stretching over two days, from Saturday morning to Sunday at dusk, the Festival of Death and Dying includes over 30 workshops, performances, ceremonies and talks on different aspects of death and dying. In addition to talks and discussion, you'll have the opportunity to have experiences, which do justice to the full spectrum of what is at stake in mortality. All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body–both young and old, people of varied and all abilities.

I myself, will be offering: 

The Beginning of Peace-Making with WeiZen Ho

This workshop is a two day process, which will draw from Pancha Tanmantra (a West Javanese energetic practice). It will conclude with a circle in which you may encounter the energies of a deceased or living family member, friend or lover.  You must attend both workshops to take part in this.

The festival is a unique opportunity if you want to:

Learn more about death and dying in every sense;

Discover what new services and options are available for us today when coming into a death and dying process;

Develop an informed and discerning approach to what is offered by the medical and funeral industries;

Experience embodied, philosophical and artistic approaches to life and death;

Find a held environment in which to share, find support and reflect on mortality and the losses in our lives;

Celebrate, above all, the joy of living.

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to Jul 16

Platform 2017, Sat & Sun 15 & 16 July 3pm @ Articulate project space

PLATFORM 2017 - collection of short performances, installations, artworks and extraordinary music

by Tess de Quincey, Lux Eterna, Weizen Ho, Samuel James, Lian Loke, Kelly Nguyen, Lynne Santos, Alan Schacher, Clytie Smith, Luke Standish, Richard Stevens, Vsevolod Vlaskine, Eugene Ward, Marcus Whale, Christie Woodhouse

including ‘performed objects’ collaboration with artists from BOAT 2017: Anna Ingham, Jan Taylor, Toni Warburton

Saturday & Sunday 15 & 16 July at 3pm sharp

Very limited places so online BOOKING ESSENTIAL

Venue: Articulate project space
497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt. Sydney

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